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Magical Girl Fantasy Sticker Pack

Magical Girl Fantasy Sticker Pack

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♥ Magical Girl Fantasy Sticker Pack ♥ 

This Magical Girl Fantasy Sticker Pack is great for laptops, planners, journals and many other surfaces!


  • You will receive one Magical Girl Fantasy Sticker Pack choice of material!
  • One pack contains 17 stickers 
  • Each order is prepared within 1-7 business days. May change depending on time and volume of orders
  • All of my stickers are handmade, therefore are not waterproof or UV protected. They DO provide some water resistance for water bottles and light water use
  • Colors of stickers and other products may vary slightly due to the difference between monitors / resolution. I always try to provide an accurate representation of my products!
  • Sticker sizes vary, so make sure to check the listing to make sure you're aware of the details!


  •  Matte stickers are not meant to come in contact with water. They are more flexible and great for dry, indoor surfaces such as laptops, planners, journals, etc.
  •  Glossy Stickers are scratch and water-resistant, meaning they can withstand small amounts of liquid. Not meant for dishwashers, cars or any harsh environment
  •  Holographic stickers are slightly water resistant, though still not meant for cars, dishwashers or other harsh environments

 I inspect all stickers and products at every stage of the process for any printing or assembly issues. However, as most items are handmade in house, there may be a slight flaw. If you ever see any noticeable issues with your sticker, contact me with a picture and I will replace free of charge!


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